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The Time Patrol Bon manga by Fujiko F. Fujio has been animated into the following adaptations.

1989 Special[]

An anime television special animated by Gallop, was broadcast on Nippon TV on October 14, 1989. It adapts the chapters "I Won't Be Erased! (消されてたまるか), Riding a Dinosaur on Vacation (バカンスは恐竜に乗って), The Secret of the Pyramid] (ピラミッドの秘密)「通り魔殺人事件」「T・P隊員の犯罪」.




  • Opening: "Jikan wo Koete"
  • Ending: "Tsutaetai", performed by Dreaming.


2024 Netflix Series[]

A Netflix series produced by Studio Bones is scheduled for release in 2024 to celebrate the 90th birthday of the creator. [1] The first season was released on May 2, 2024 adapting Part 1 (chapters 1 to 14).


  • Director: Masahiro Ando
  • Series Composition: Yūko Kakihara
  • Original Creator: Fujiko F. Fujio
  • Character Design: Masahiro Satō
  • Mechanical Design: Junichirō Tamamori
  • Art Design: Eiko Tsunadō
  • Art Director: Tatsurō Ōnishi
  • Chief Animation Director: Masahiro Satō
  • 3D Director: Takuma Miyake
  • Music: Michiru Oshima
  • Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
  • Director of Photography: Ying Ying Zhang
  • Color design: Shihoko Nakayama
  • Editing: Ayumu Takahashi
  • Animation Production: Bones
  • Production: Netflix



Character Japanese Seiyuu English VA
Bon Namihira Akihisa Wakayama Griffin Burns
Ream Stream Atsumi Tanezaki Erica Lindbeck
Buyoyon Mamoru Miyano David Errigo Jr.
Yumiko Yasukawa Tomoyo Kurosawa Tara Sands
Tetsuo Shiraishi Yoko Hikasa Ben Diskin
Yanagisawa Setsuo Itō David Errigo Jr.
Youko Shiraki Saho Shirasu Erin Yvette
Gayler Yasuyuki Kase Michael Yurchak


# Title Release Date
Season 1
1 I Won't Be Erased! May 2, 2024
2 T.P. Apprentice
3 The Secret of the Pyramid
4 An Ancient Man Crosses the Pacific
5 Witch Hunt
6 The Mountain of the Roaring White Dragon
7 The Dark Labyrinth
8 The Beautiful Girl on the Battlefield
9 Riding a Dinosaur on Vacation
10 Gunfight on the O.K. Corral
11 The Marathon Battle
12 Hyperspace Castaway
Season 2
1 The Random Murders July 17, 2024
2 The Sacrifice to Chacmool
3 The Heike Fugitive
4 The Sumerian Boy
5 The First Amercian
6 The T・P Agent's Crime
7 The Beast Delb
8 The Day Troy Fell
9 The Grim Reaper's Horde
10 The Wrath of the Gods
11 The Ruins Submerged in Rain
12 Time Patrol Bon



  • The TV Special aired 16 years after the first Doraemon series in 1973.


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